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All Levels Yoga 
This class moves through a variety of postures to accommodate everyone, offering both beginning and advanced students a satisfying, accessible, and energetic practice. No prior yoga experience or flexibility required. Please talk to Jillian if you have serious injuries or limitations to discuss if this class is right for you. Private yoga sessions are also available.

Beginner Basics Yoga
A great place for beginners, moving a little slower as we break down basics of yoga poses and principles. Offering just enough of a challenge to strengthen and balance your body and mind, this is still a low-to-no sweat class so you are able unplug and recharge over the noon-hour, then go about the rest of your day refreshed.

Don't be intimidated by this total body workout. Connecting with breath, grace and conscious movement these classes are perfect for anyone looking to strengthen and balance body and mind. Inspired by teachings of Joseph Pilates, we’ll emphasize core engagement. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged. Modifications will be offered for more ease or difficulty where desired and to suit ability. Pilates wakes your body up – lots of blood flow, life and strength. Please contact Jillian if you have any questions or concerns about attending this class. Private Pilates sessions are also available.
​If you NEED (or really really want) these classes but your financial situation does not allow it, let's talk. I, and most everyone, have been in this situation before. We want to be fair and try not to turn anyone away.
Pilates & Yoga Classes for Beginners in Rapid City

Introduction to Yoga: 4-week series
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:05-12:55pm  
January 14, 16, 21, 23, 38, 39, February 4, 6
If you're new to yoga and/or want to explore the foundation of yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathing), philosophy and relaxation, this is a great place to start.
Where: Barefoot Dance Studio, 412 5th St.
Investment: $66 per series; includes one additional class each week of the series.
Class size is consciously limited. 
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Call Jillian (605) 484-5401 or fill out form above.

​Introduction to Pilates, weekly classes
Saturdays 10:45am-11:30am
If you've heard of Pilates and all it is good for (a very long list of things), and have also heard that it is really hard and scary...but you still want the benefits - this series is a perfect gentle but challenging introduction to the refreshing mind-body workout.


April Yoga and Pilates Class Schedule
Monday, 8:15am All Levels Yoga

Tuesday, 12:00pm Beginner Basics Yoga

Wednesday, 8:15am All Levels Yoga *NEW!!*
Wednesday, 6:15pm Pilates

Thursday, 12:00pm Beginner Basics Yoga
Thursday, 6:15pm All Levels Yoga

Saturday, 8:30am Pilates
Saturday, 9:30am All Levels Yoga
Saturday, 10:45 Beginner Basics Pilates

Sunday, 2:30pm All Levels Yoga

Classes held at Barefoot Dance Studio, 412 5th Street in Rapid City.  

Single class drop-in: $11                    
Monthly rates and package options:                       

New to us 2-week unlimited trial: $22  |  30 day 4-class pass: $33  |   30 day 7-class pass: $55  |  Regular monthly unlimited - $66