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Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates, Rapid City
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Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates, Rapid City
Gentle: Classes that move at either a slower pace and/or offer gentler sequences and basic poses that are accessible for just about anyone. Perfect for beginners to ease in to the practices and great for experienced practitioners to explore the subtleties.
(Yin Release, Yoga Essentials, Pilates Essentials, Calm & Cool Yoga)

Moderate: These classes offer a moderate level of physical challenge still appropriate for beginners and experiences practitioners alike. Modifications are offered for all levels to have a satisfying, accessible and energetic experience.
(All Levels Yoga & Pilates, Pilates-Yoga Fusion w/ oils & meditation, All Levels Flow, Happy Hour Rhythm Flow)

Vigorous: As the category implies, these practices offer more of a physical challenge and some experience is recommended before dropping in. But don't be scared to try; they are fun, invigorating and rewarding.
(Fusion Flow, 7's Circuit, Intermediate Pilates)

All Levels Yoga :: As with most of our classes, prior experience or flexibility are not necessary. Move through a variety of postures with modifications for all levels offering a satisfying, accessible, energetic practice. 

Yoga Essentials :: Great for beginners and experienced yogin alike, this class explores basic yoga poses, breathing and relaxation.

Pilates :: Breath, concentration and deep focused engagement. Strengthening exercises to balance muscles of the core (abs, back, hips, shoulders). Essentials: Basic exercises w/ slower pace. Intermediate: More challenging.

Energizing Yoga :: Centering, core, gentle flow, alignment holds and pranayama (yoga breath work) for a pick-me-up of mind, body and heart.

Calm & Cool Flow Yoga :: Gentle, mindful, attention to breath and awareness of body. Grounding sequences encourage strength and opening in legs, hips, and core. Inward focus and plenty of time for individual exploration of the poses. Modifications offered where needed. 

Yoga Bootcamp :: Almost as hard as it sounds, but the challenges are made accessible - supported by breath, dynamic movement, alignment, flow and the occasional rest. Be prepared to sweat.

Rest & Restore Yoga :: Nourish yourself as you ease into the work week w/ focused relaxation, restoration and pranayama (breath work). Learn to “un-do” physical imbalances caused by stressors of daily life. With use of props and meditation, this class also includes focus on anatomical positioning for total relaxation of the neck and shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Pilates-Yoga Fusion w/ aroma & meditation :: Combine deep core exercises of Pilates with yoga poses & flow for balance in the body, then relax and restore with the use of essential oils and guided meditation.

All levels yoga w/ mantra :: Mantra is a sanskrit word loosely meaning “instrument of the mind.” Mantras can be spoken, sung or simply thought. This class will include yoga pose sequences, breath work, and the introduction of varying mantras to relax the mind, awaken the heart and support meditation.

7's Circuit: This fun, high-energy 45 minute class takes you through 7 sets of 7 exercises to get your heart pumping. Will use challenging body weight exercises and light weights to make you sweat and feel amazing.
​If you NEED (or really really want) these classes but your financial situation does not allow it, let's talk. I, and most everyone, have been in this situation before. We want to be fair and try not to turn anyone away.
Pricing and Membership Options
​Your first class is free! Sign-up online to reserve your spot.

Drop-in: $11

Monthly Unlimited Membership: $66/month (autopay)
You can sign up online here. Go to the "Online Store" tab, then "Contracts," add to your cart and enter your information. If you'd rather set up with a checking account, fill out the paper form when you come to class. 

11-class pass: $99
 (good for 90 days)

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Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates
1002 Jackson Blvd
Rapid City, SD
(605) 939-0299

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