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Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates
809 South St, Suite 211
Rapid City, South Dakota
(605) 939-0299
Breathe. Embody. Enjoy.
Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates Classes
*No regular drop-in classes at this time*
Morning Flow Yoga - Set the tone for your day. Find your breath and go with the flow as movement, grace, and strength combine in this energetic yet accessible, mixed level morning flow class. **Class will be approximately 55 minutes long to allow for more time in your morning commute.

​Mixed Level Yoga - As with most of our classes, prior experience or flexibility are not necessary. Move through a variety of postures with modifications for all levels offering a satisfying, accessible, energetic practice.

Yoga...Continued - Continue connecting, opening, strengthening and freeing your body in yoga asana (poses). In this class we'll also intentionally turn in and a little deeper with yoga philosophy the other limbs of practice including the yamas and niyamas (moral practices), pranayama (breath work), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), dhyana (meditation), dharana (focus) and maybe even a taste of samadhi (enlightenment). All levels welcome.

Yin Release Yoga - (Will return this Fall...) Slow thoughtful movement, with gentle warm up, and poses held for longer period of time. Promotes deep internal connection by linking rich stretching poses with rhythmic breathing for gradual opening and release of connective tissue.

Fusion Flow - Flow through elements of yoga, Pilates and other body weight exercises supported by breath, dynamic movement, alignment. Be prepared to sweat.

Gentle Yoga - Great for beginners and experienced. This gentle yoga class is designed to bring increased strength and flexibility, improved balance, and better control over our ability to relax at will.

Heart & Core Yoga - Combine deep core work with yoga poses & flow for balance in the body, then relax and restore with the use of essential oils and guided meditation.

Pilates Essentials - This gentle basics class uses breath, concentration and deep focused engagement. Strengthening exercises to balance muscles of the core (abs, back, hips, shoulders). This class is wonderful for back, hip and shoulder pain and a great place for beginners!

Mixed Levels Pilates - All of the basics and a little more of a challenge with sequences to coordinate breath and movement for a balanced total body workout that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Qigong - An ancient Taoist internal exercise system that includes posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation practices that accumulate, direct, and balance your vital energy (qi) to improve the health and harmony of mind, body and spirit. According to Taoist theories, stress and tension are the most corrosive enemies of health. Qigong teaches us to deal intelligently with stress, to keep your body relaxed and supple, your qi strong and healthy, and to move your own healing energy throughout your body.  

Restorative Yoga - With a combination of slow moving poses and supportive props, this class will help you unwind from the week and restore.

Strong & Centered Yoga - This slow moving, introspective practice focuses on building strong, proper alignment in the body. Simple poses and sequences that still offer a challenge and you build strength and center.

Sound Meditation (Crystal Singing Bowls) - Treat yourself to a sound healing and meditation practice with crystal singing bowls. This is not a movement-based class. You may choose to sit in a chair, lie down, or support yourself with various props as you bathe your spirit and every cell in the beautiful sound vibrations.

Prana Dance Party - This is a blast and feels amazing. Carly will warm you up, breath and body, with flowing yoga-type movements. Then crank up the tunes with strong beats and cut loose... footloose, armloose, spineloose, hairloose, pranaloose.

Heated Candlelight Flow Yoga - (Will return this Fall...) With the heater on, lights low, and candles lit, this yoga practice will ignite your inner fire and flow.

Embodied Heart - (Will return this Winter...) Mantra, myths, movement and meditation aimed to beckon you deeper into your heart and realization of Divine spirit, love and joy as our true nature in this body temple and human experience. All levels welcome.

We've moved! 
Vibrant Life Yoga & Pilates is now a private session and small group studio between West Boulevard and Mt. Rushmore Road, now located at:
809 South St, Suite 207
Rapid City, South Dakota 

Contact Jillian to schedule your private yoga or Pilates sessions.

Talk to Jillian to discuss scheduling for your small group and private sessions....
  • get a group of friends together for a private classes in the studio, or your home/office
  • schedule your private sessions which are tailored to your personal needs
  • integrative yoga and Pilates based therapies for the whole being - body and soul

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I would love to talk with you!