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Pink Salt

Salt Room
& Infrared Sauna

The Salt and Sauna Suite at Vibrant Life is a wonderful place to unwind, detox, and recharge. Relax or meditate in the salt room with the soothing Himalayan pink salt ambiance and benefits of halotherapy. Our full-spectrum infrared sauna is a wonderful compliment to the salt room, and when your situation allows, it's encouraged to utilize them both. 

It's like your own personal retreat.


When you book an appointment, you get the whole Salt and Sauna Suite to yourself. Sessions can be booked for 30 to 90 minutes, but if you would like to do longer, just let us know.  If you are new to saunas, we recommend you start slow (15-20 minutes) and gradually work up to 45 minutes if desired. 



30 minutes - $30 (note: the time goes super fast!)

45 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $50

90 minutes - $75

+Add 15 for each additional person

NEW! Now offering packages so that you can come more often to help you get the most out of your experience. Buy 5 sessions, get 1 free! (If you've had previous sessions, they will count them towards your new package purchase.) Packages good for 6 months from date of purchase.

Call, text, or email for appointment booking.

(605) 939-0299

Private party or date?

We can put together a special package for you.

Example: 45 minutes yoga, plus 75 minutes in the Salt and Sauna suite for your bookclub or bridal party.


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