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Hot Springs Women's Retreats

It was so lovely to organize and lead the Hot Springs Women’s Retreat for the last 4 weeks. Each week was sweetly different with a new group of women bringing their unique light and energy to our time together. These 1-day retreats were small, intentional gatherings with yoga, meditation, a women's circle, and hot springs soaking at the beautifully restored Moccasin Springs.

Yes, plans are in the works for a 2020 Retreat series. I’ll be sharing that info soon.

I want to send out love and deep gratitude to all who have shown up.

Thank you Johannah and Erin for leading our circles.

Thanks to Kara and the Moccasin Springs staff for welcoming our groups.

Om om om

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap when we were on our breaks. But everyone was so in the moment that there wasn't really a lot of photo footage. Hopefully for all who were there, these few images can help re-inspire the peace you felt.

For those of you who weren't there...don't you really really want to come next time?!? ;) FOMO! You've heard of FOMO, right - fear of missing out. Life is so full of things we want to do that this is literally a common term, kind of like the ol' YOLO. But no fear! I saw the term JOMO come across one of my scrolling feeds the other day, and I just want to pause and bow to the Joy of Missing Out. Deep respect to all of the things you choose to not do, or just simply don't have the time to do, because you're living your life and allocating your days to your loves. Be in your joy. <3

Current events and dates here.

Please stay in touch!

With Love,


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