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Visionary Breathwork - Breath and Meditation Experience

I am so happy to welcome Jessie back for a lovely practice in January, and what a beautiful way to start the year. Remember to register early as space is limited.

Register with Jessie Here

Come experience the healing power of breath to transform your life. Visionary Breathwork is a gentle, yet powerful application of conscious, connected breathing used as a method of activating the subconscious mind. This breathing process promotes altered states of consciousness that will illuminate limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. When we breathe fully and consciously, we can heal our hearts, minds, and bodies, and open to the generous present moment. This guided process will support greater inner peace, enhanced creative expression, deeper connection, and increased self-awareness & purpose.

Here are just some of the benefits people have experienced: * A great sense of connection and community * Increased clarity * Increased aliveness, joy & creativity * Physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being * Forgiveness and release of the past * Reduced stress and increased vitality and inner peace * Greater self-love and more loving relationships * Ability to manifest greater abundance and ease * Accelerated spiritual growth & awakening more deeply to one's true self

Facilitated by: Jessie Solon, Breathwork Practitioner

Please Bring: Yoga Mat, Blanket & Water, (Eye Mask & Journal Optional). Wearing Loose, Comfortable Clothing is Suggested.

Register with Jessie Here

Investment in You: $35 when you register in advance or $45 at the door. Space is limited. Please register now to secure your spot.

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